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Absolutely fantastic reading thank you, Hara. Very impressed. You picked up a number of things which told me how very good you are :) Thank you so much. I will be back :)
Highly recommend to all. Spot on.
Simply the best! My daughter and I went to see her last week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Very kind and humble woman! Was spot on with everything that she said, will definitely be paying another visit in future xo
100% impressed with Hara quality service nice and easy trading with her and delivers service promptly didn't have to give her any information besides from name and was accurate with my reading truly blessed with a beautiful gift thank you, Hara, you have given me hope again.
Recently we had our property cleansed by Hara. Making this a family affair Hara was great with our kids including them and reassuring them all through the process. We thank you for being there for us. Reg made an acknowledgment that night.... Thanks Again - you're a top lady. The Grant's.
I have got numerous readings off of Hara and she is always 100% accurate, I always feel better after receiving a reading from her. For instance, I moved over to the UK and was worrying about work and she said she saw a job in the health sector for me, sure enough, a week later I had a job in the health sector! Highly recommend.
Wow, I was totally amazed at the accuracy of information I was receiving from Hara during the reading. Everything was spot on and she helped me to find some peace and clarity. Loved how she gets straight to the point but with compassion. Awesome reading and thanks heaps Hara xxxx
Hara did a very accurate reading on me was amazed at how she got everything right. I came away very happy. She picked up about a trapped spirit in my house. So we did a clearance and sent him to the light which I feel very pleased and warm about. Hara is an angel in my eyes she gave up her time to come in and do the clearance for nothing in return. She is a beautiful generous person. I would recommend her to anyone that needed help or a reading.
Hara was amazing and was happy to clarify reading. Hara helped me to get some clarity and guidance around my life and family. Hara was very accurate and I would recommend her highly. Thank you for everything Hara :)
Thanks for skype and email readings that were very clear and help me a lot! My life is changing at the moment after moving out. I try to change a workplace as well. It is happening to me what you told me. Very satisfied and would highly recommend her:)

Trade Me testimonials

very accurate reading and lovely person with a non-judgemental and compassionate view I have had many readings and I would highly recommend Hara.
Very accurate reading. Highly recommend.
To be honest, I wasn't happy with the initial reading. But mostly because I was trying to hide from the facts *sigh*, there is no miracle fix lol. Hara was very good with giving me further feedback to help me understand. Not all is doom and gloom like I initially thought! And my nana came through which really surprised me, because how could she have known anything about me, all she had was my first name! So thanks Hara for your honesty, I really appreciate your kind words xx
Thank you, Hara, for such an amazing and detailed reading again. It was very clear and well laid out. Glad I followed your advice. You are sweet and caring. A pleasure to deal with!
I received a very insightful skype reading with Hara and was amazed at how intuitive and clear her messages were for me. I would definitely commission another session and highly recommend to other individuals seeking spiritual counsel with truth, wisdom, and clarity. Thank you. : )
I have had a one on one reading with Hara and I am amazed at the healing which has taken place within myself and continues to be ongoing. A very thoughtful, considerate woman, and going at a pace I could take in, was compassionate about stuff which bubbled to the surface for me. Describing her feelings with the loved ones which came through seemed to make my connections with loved ones really intimate. Future idea has come to fruition as she said and this has had an ongoing healing process.
We had a house clearing and reading from Hara she is amazing! she made the 4-hour return trip to come to us and was amazing walking us through step by step what she was doing and her reading was insanely accurate I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!
We had a house clearing and our home is much lighter and brighter. Hara was able to help us understand the things we were feeling and to move forward. After we had a quick reading and she was accurate on the things she could tell about us. And hopefully, the great things to look forward to. Thank you, Hara, for your time and knowledge.
Hara is so accurate in her readings I was blown away such a relaxing atmosphere highly recommend and I look forward to seeing you again in the future:) thank you
I was blown away by my reading it was so accurate and also within a 3-hour turnaround! You answered every one of my questions in detail and you were so spot on it was amazing!. Trust me if you want an accurate, informative reading then look no further than Hara, she is truly gifted :)
Thank you, Hara, for the very informative reading. Very insightful into areas of my life that were on my mind at this time. This reading gave me confidence to approach the questions I had been pondering. I'd highly recommend Hara for her services, she is very friendly and the communication to organise reading was very efficient and easy.
Thank you Hara. The reading was very accurate and helpful. Hara has a straightforth, compassionate approach which is to be admired.
Absolutely gifted, reading I had is spot on with Hara. have found her to be very accurate & would most definitely recommend.
I am still amazed at the help Hara gave me, in a recent reading. She is very good, I have recommended her to many others, and will continue to do so. Hara, you do an amazing reading....thank you.
I have recently had a remote house clearing from Hara. My home is so much warmer and lighter, and it now has a new energy about it. Thank you, Hara, for the insight and for the messages you gave me. You have a wonderful gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me. I thoroughly recommend this trader :)
Thank you, Hara. Great reading.
I felt I needed a Skype and email reading so so grateful and love that!! Thank you for a very enjoyable reading. You were very accurate with describing myself and you have reassured me of my life's direction, and I have some exciting things to look forward too and still to come!! You're a very caring person whom I felt very comfortable being with, Many thanks again and love to you Xxs
Thank you, Hara, for another amazing and accurate reading.
An excellent reading and very insightful, I would certainly recommend Hara.
Thank you for the reading Hara, would absolutely recommend this lady :)
Thank you for a great reading and really enjoyable experience.
Thank you, your accuracy and understanding is truly amazing.
Hara is AWESOME! Her reading for me was bang on and turned out just as she predicted. I am a regular client of Hara's and I suggest you try her readings too. Namaste <3
Thank you, the reading was very confirming to me and she said things which came true. It was encouraging and confirming I am on the right path, I needed directional hints. And also a few other things she picked up on which are of importance, many thanks, this reading was a big help to me.
I have had a wonderful reading with this lovely lady, I am really finding it hard to find the words to describe just how uplifting and healing this has been for me. I think anyone in need of a reading you will struggle to do better than this fantastic lady.
Highly recommended. Hara was fast with her Email Reading and gave me the reassurance I needed.
Hara, thank you.You have an amazing gift and I highly recommend you to anyone and everyone. Your accuracy and insight was right on the button. Thanks again.
I had an email reading from Hara, and WOW she was very accurate. Thank you for the advice and I will be recommending you to family and friends :)
I've just had a reading with Hara it was the most amazing hour I've spent talking to someone in my life. Hara has such a calming effect in the way she goes about her readings you feel really at ease in her company. The things she says are very accurate and I look forward to seeing them come true in the future.I have no hesitation in recommending Hara to anyone as I already have. Once again thank you very much, Hara, it was a pleasure talking with you.
Lovely lady to deal with, I have had a one on one reading and an email one, both times a lot rang true.
Wow Hara has an amazing gift and is very much the real deal, she picked up straight away on the issues I was facing, there was no coaxing questions, in fact, I didn't say a word the whole 30 minutes... I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and messages from the spirit world. Heartfelt thanks to you Hara xxx
Great reading, picked up stuff that no one else has yet. Was an emotional reading but well worth it. Thank you and will definitely come back. Love and light.
Truly amazing thanks so much, Hara knew stuff that I never even knew, highly recommended.
Recently I was privileged to be part of a house cleansing which Hara was performing, she was very thorough doing this. Hara was very professional in all aspects, had a very caring attitude, and was concerned for my well-being during the process. After the cleansing Hara gave a very full and valuable reading for myself, I would recommend Hara for all her spiritual gifts and abilities. Jenny
I drove for nearly two hours to have a reading with Hara. It was fantastic and well worth the effort, she was fabulous. What I was told was extremely accurate. Would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a reading with Hara to do so.
Excellent and Amazing person. Always spot on. Always there for me and got me through rough times as very supportive. Highly recommend and Thank You.
I liked this lady a lot, she had a very assured warm caring style and the information just flowed from her. The general overall reading was excellent although there were aspects that weren't quite accurate. I would definitely recommend her and would get another reading myself. She sensed I was keen to learn to read myself and gave me some fantastic tips in a jiffy. She works with great speed. I wish her all the best in life!
A M A Z I N G........I had a reading with this lovely lady today and she blew me away with her accuracy, she even picked up on several things that other readers had not. Hara has an amazing gift and she is caring, positive and straight to the point. Thank you so much for such an awesome uplifting reading xx God Bless
Thank you Hara, my reading was pretty much on the button! I knew my Nan was around and that just confirmed it. Thank you so much for giving me some insight.​
Thank You for the reading very helpful an insightful Awesome!!!!!! Thanks!!!
A very clear, considerate, helpful, positive reading provided. Hara is professional, friendly & down to earth. I will visit again. It is a worthwhile experience having a reading with Hara. Thank you, Hara.
Thanks for another great reading Hara, very insightful and provided me with some helpful information!
Hara is very accurate, genuine and caring and is really here to help people & help spirit get their messages across. I was impressed with how she got straight to the core of a major issue for me & then expanded it whilst bringing in everyone involved here & from spirit. She also gave me some real guidance about pathways going forward & went above & beyond to give further support for which I am very grateful for. I highly recommend Hara to others - she’s the' real deal' and a bright light.
I have just had a reading with Hara and trust me if you are wanting someone who is spot on with your life then this is the lady for you. This has been the best reading I have ever had with anyone. I had never met her before but she knew everything about me. She is worth contacting and I will be using her again. Thank you so much for your help Hara I really appreciate it. God Bless you.
Hara, Thank you for such a wonderful reading, everything you said had much meaning, it was a great experience. I would recommend you to everyone. Colin
Hi Hara, Wow such a good reading, Thank you for the brutal truth. I would recommend you to all my friends.
I was fortunate enough to have a reading done by Hara. Wow! Was totally blown away! Extremely accurate! Even with names! Highly recommend to all!
Excellent!! This lady was spot on with names, past loved ones and many more areas that were and are present in my life. This lady is genuine and accurate & I have no hesitation in recommending her. I shed many tears, but tears of joy and happiness how she was able to allow me to connect with my past loved one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Hara xx
I've now had several personal readings with Hara. She is truly gifted Authentic psychic with clarity and sincerity. I am very grateful for her guidance and help Aroha x
I have had 3 readings now by Hara and all have been amazing and extremely accurate. Hara comes highly recommended from me!
Had a very accurate email reading with Hara which helped settle my mind on a couple of things, thank you very much.
The entire reading was so in sync with my thoughts, what is in my heart and what I am working on at present without saying anything. Hara is undoubtedly a very gifted reader.
I have had many readings over the years, and have to say this was the best yet. Was spot on with many things, very gifted, GREAT reading Thank you, Jane, Tg
Thank you, Hara, intriguing reading :)
AMAZING! Hara is fantastic spot on about everything had a phone Reading, she is truly gifted I Highly Highly recommend. Got all the answers I needed. If u ever doubt this sort of thing trust me u wanna see Hara she will prove this does in fact exist. Thank u so much Hara you helped me a lot. Rosie ??
I was drawn to having a reading with Hara and I am so pleased I did. Her words really resonated with me and she gave lots of information to the things I was pondering. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift.
Hara is a genuine legit reader with a true gift. Her ability to hone in immediately on what is going on in your life is incredible. You need not give her any information what so ever, not a thing as Hara will tell you all as if by magic. I have had emails readings & phone readings with Hara and each is as accurate as the other. I recommend an email reading if you just need an answer to a pressing question or a phone reading for a full no holds barred reading. This lady is the real deal :)
Had a reading by phone unreal how she picked up on so many things, thanks. Norm
Had reading from Hara. Accurate and spot on, lovely Lady who dedicated. Highly recommended.
Thanks for the great reading Hara. Cleared a few things up and was bang on with the details. Very reassuring and would thoroughly recommend for anyone!
Another exceptional reading with Hara. Right on the button again. Picked up on several relatives passed over and I received some wonderful special messages. I was thrilled to get the information passed on to me. Hara is truly gifted.
I have had 3 readings from Hara and have found them to be pretty spot on. It sometimes takes a matter of time for the pieces to fit the puzzle but inevitably they do. I would highly recommend Hara if you were thinking about having a reading, I found her very approachable, compassionate and is there to help people needing guidance.
I had reading with Hara and she was spot on. Hara is amazing Lady. Highly recommended.
Was very impressed with my email reading it was spot on, and I feel this has shed some light on possible outcomes, thank you very much such an amazing gift you have ...
I was delighted to have a reading with Hara, she picked up on so many things it was uncanny and fun! Hara easily picks up on loved ones passed over including my childhood sweetheart, my parents and grandparents and others I didn't even recall. Hara told me some very exciting news that is supposed to unfold anytime soon and if that happens it will definitely change our lives forever :) Thanks for a terrific reading. I highly recommend Hara's services. Regards, secret squirrels!
I had a very good reading six months ago and most of what she predicted has come to pass. Lovely energy.
A very accurate and helpful reading. Thanks so much, you helped clear up those concerns I had.
Had an email reading with Hara and she had picked on quite a lot of stuff about me with hardly any info given. Awesome :-) I recommend for sure.
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