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House clearings

House clearings and blessing are performed when a house or business is haunted by a lost soul or souls or entities that may need help shifting to the light.

It could be energy left from other people who lived in a place before the present people or it could be an imprint of a trauma on a site of something tragic that happened in that area. It may be connected to the land or the building or the whole area. It can have layers and other entities can be drawn to this area because of what already has happened prior to them being here. It can be a spirit may have attached itself to a family or person and be haunting them in that house.

I have experience even clearing house many times where portals have been opened by someone living in the house unwittingly who is psychic and spirits have stepped through causing havoc and impacting on the living.

When a place is highly active it takes very often more than one time. It can take several times and sometimes only once. Each place is different, and I always go prepared. In a strong active place it may take more than one medium to clear a place for safety reasons as well.

There are many ways and processes to clear a place and protecting yourself and your home. One simple technique is visualising yourself in a white light or veil and say a protection prayer. A simple one I use a lot is,

“Through Archangel Michael for the highest good of all, I ask if you can protect me,

my family and home, in the golden white light of protection for the highest good of all. Thank you, Amen.”

You can use your own words of course as you get confident this will get easier. The more you do this the stronger it is and this a great way to ward of entities who may wish to drain your energy or attach themselves to you. This can happen to anyone anytime and spirit usually target vulnerable people and when they are stressed as this is what they feed off.

​So being aware of this is why I wish to share about this on my webpage and hope you now know that there are things people can do to help themselves and thus feel empowered.  

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