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Lovely to have you here on my web page. I have been doing readings

and spiritual work now many years and am happy to tell you something about me 

so I am not a total stranger to you.

I was born with an extra sensitive side and as a 
child used to see Spirit

and loved ones and so this became part of my life from an early age. I was born deaf

so I could not hear until I was five. It meant all my senses kicked in and made my connection to Spirit stronger. 

This never left me as I grew older. I had much trauma growing up and always

I was deeply aware of someone helping me plus feeling and seeing Spirit.

As an 
adult, I came to terms with who I am and have help from loved ones, Tupuna, and Spirit Guides who have helped me on my journey. I have had three near death experiences and this has made my connection to Spirit much stronger as well.

If it wasn’t for Spirit I simply would not be alive and that’s how I see it.

Hi there!

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