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International psychic medium, Reiki Master,

published writer & artist, spiritual development teacher, and Shaman

and welcome

I believe we are
guided on our journey

to where we are meant to be and go.

For whatever reason you choose to be here, if you are looking for a reading or healing, or to increase your awareness and understanding of spirit, I am here to help you and offer support, guidance, and information while you are browsing my website.

What service can I be to you?

At times in our lives we need answers to situations we may not have answers to for ourselves so having someone who can give a clear, concise, down to earth reading can sometimes help in this way. The whole reading is focused around you and entirely for you. You will gain insight into area around, relationships, career and life in general, you will learn to trust yourself and your sensitive side.

How can I help you today?

Being of spiritual nature is within all of us and can be easily tapped into if you know how. Do not be scared by this. I wish to empower people with understanding, insight, and confidence around messages, in a reading, or healing or when I am teaching, in the physical, emotional, mental and celestial bodies. I teach the tools and then it is down to you to follow as you're able in a safe way.

Thank you

My website HaraNZ is a work in progress and it is here for you to browse and to pass on knowledge. This is who I am and I wish to share what I have with you so we can walk together along the spiritual path of life.

If you like to make contact with feel free and make contact with me on my contact form. Another way is to send me an email and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can and I thank you for coming to my webpage.

Love and light


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